“Mum, why are you not speaking?” She pulls her child close, rests his head upon her chest, turning his face away from her cheeks, tears rolling from her eyes as she silently weeps.   The house they once called home, is now a cemetery where her remaining family sleeps.   Her heart rages inside, … Continue reading CHILDREN OF WAR


What is it that carries us through the whirlwinds of life? Is it the ones that we love that give us the strength to survive? Or is it our careers? Is it our faith? What is it? Ever wonder how people fight battles on a daily basis. Heartbreak, illness, death, finance, job loss. All different, … Continue reading WAR


Random Fact: Arteries carry blood from the heart while veins return blood to it. Isn't it strange? Human emotion. How our emotions dictate our behaviour. Sometimes I find emotion so difficult to comprehend. Especially at times when you feel the peak of happiness and the peak of sadness, all wrapped into one precise moment. So in … Continue reading GOODBYES